Thursday, November 30, 2006

First, Ryan’s mom left him because she was not very responsable and she wanted to forget her problems. She could not deal with her problems and her son’s problems at the same time. Second, the fire in Kirsten’s model house was an accident. Ryan was living in the house without electricity so he used candles. During the night, Luke, a boy who hates Ryan came to the house and they started fighting so the candles fell and the house burned. The O.C. ( Orange County) was a very good show for the tv journal because you always have a lot of information to tell. This show is not really hard to understand. To understand the O.C. you dont need to speak english very well because you can understand just by watching it. I think it’s a good way to learn english, because if you don’t know a word you can have a good idea of its meaning with the rest of the sentence and the scene. This TV program helped me follow conversations in english and learn some expressions. Finally, I recommand this show for everyone. This is a very good show and it is helpful for learning english. I also recommand seasons two and three which is now available on DVD .

The Best Chrismukkah Ever
I am Seth Cohen. Chrismukkah has past, Chrismukkah is one of my inventions. This is the mix of Chrismas and Hanukkah. This years Chrismukkah was not dull. First my father and my grandfather ( my mom’s dad) tried to make a deal but they don`t like each other so that was very mean and finally my grandfather gave the lot to my father because it was not valuable. Ryan was at his first Chrismukkah and was not really happy because of his past. Marissa still has problems and didn’t want help but after the Chrismukkah party where she was drunk, she finally decided to go to see a psychologist. As for myself, I was in a delicate situation. I had feelings for two girls and I needed to make my choice but that was hard and I`ve never been in a situation like that. Summer and Anna are two fantastic girls and my feelings for them were very big. During the party they decided to push me to make my choice. I finally decided to stay friends with both of them but they didn’t want my friendship.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Gamble
Ryan was in jail because in the last episode he started a fire in Krysten’s model house. Krysten , Seth’s mom, didn’t want to keep Ryan at home and Ryan was waiting for his case to appear in court. Seth really wanted to go to see him so Krysten came with him. During their meeting a guy started to be rude with her and Ryan tried to protect her. After that Krysten wanted to protect Ryan and brought him back home. But this was just until they found his mother. Sandy found her and brought her home. Ryan was not really happy to see her. He spent the next day with his mom and tried to reconcile with her. Krysten organized a casino night for charity. Ryan’s mom was invited and drank too much. After a hard night she decided to leave her son again. Krysten tried to change her mind but she could do nothing. When his mom was leaving, Ryan woke up and saw her. Ryan was sad because he had nobody for him. Finally, Krysten decided to keep him home and everyone was happy . Ryan found a real family.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

TV Journal
For my TV journal I chose to take the Fox show THE O.C. . I chose this TV program because two years ago I started to watch it and it is my favorite English TV show. Let me write a little introduction of THE O.C. for you . This TV show is the story of four teenagers who are living in Newport Beach in Orange County, California. At the beginning, Ryan tried to rob a car with his brother but he was arrested. Sandy, his lawyer, decided to adopt Ryan and bring him home. Sandy’s son, Seth, was very happy to see Ryan because he didn’t really have friends. The two other characters are Marissa, Seth’s neighbour. She is the most popular girl in school but has many problems. The last one is Summer. She goes to the same school as Marissa and Seth. She is Marissa’s best friend. In the first season many conflicts take place, but the most important one is probably Ryan’s integration to his new life. I will talk to you about the first season but for the new season ( season Four), I hope that Ryan will go to university because he has a lot of potential. I hope that Seth and Summer will go to the same university and I don’t want to tell you more because I don’t want to tell you the punch of the third season.